( 5 )
BCBW059   B-1B Lancer
BCBW060   F-4 Phantom
BCBW061   OV-1 Mohawk
BCBW062   TBM Avenger
BCBW063   B-17 Flying Fortress
BCBW064   F7F Tigercat
BCBW065   SBD Dauntless Divebomber
BCBW066   F4U Corsair
BCBW067   B-17 Flying Fortress
BCBW068   F-86 Sabre
BCBW069   F-18 Hornet
BCBW070   SBD Dauntless
BCBW071   B-26 Marauder
BCBW072   B-17 Flying Fortress
BCBW073   F4U Corsair
BCBW074   P-38 Lightning
BCBW075   B-25 Mitchell
BCBW076   B-17 Flying Fortress
BCBW077   B-24 Liberator
BCBW078   P-47 Thunderbolt
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