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BCBW039   B-26 Marauder
BCBW040   P-82 Twin Mustang
BCBW041   B-24 Liberator
BCBW042   P-51c Mustang
BCBW043   P-52 Mustang Prop
BCBW044   B-29 Superfortress Cockpit
BCBW045   P-51s Mustang Fun
BCBW046   F8F Grumman Bearcat
BCBW047   P-40 Warhawk
BCBW048   B-24 Liberator
BCBW049   B-25 Mitchell
BCBW050   P-40 Warhawk
BCBW051   B-29 Superfortress FiFi
BCBW052   P-51 Mustang Red Nose
BCBW053   P-38 Lightning Twilight
BCBW054   B-29 Superfortress Close Up
BCBW055   P-47 Thunderbolt
BCBW056   P-38 Lightning
BCBW057   B-29 Superfortress
BCBW058   B-25 Mitchell
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